About ODM
Ohio Dance Masters is an association of dance educators established in 1936. Members are certified by examination and their main focus is advancing the art of dance and improving the practice of its teaching. Our parent organization, Dance Masters of America, is an International Educational Dance Teachers Organization that has served the dance community for more than a century.

Ohio Dance Masters offers workshops, master classes and training sessions for both teachers and students. Events include Solo Title Competitions, Scholarship Auditions and Performing Arts competitions. Winners of these competitions have the opportunity to compete on the National level at the Dance Masters of America National Competition during the summer.

Junior Membership is now available to our young students and gives them an opportunity to perform in a dance company and participate in several master classes. College Scholarship monies are also available to students of Ohio Dance Masters members who are preparing for College. All of our members are Certified Dance Instructors whose main goal is the dance education of their students.

ODM Mission Statement
Ohio Dance Masters is a professional, certified membership organization of artists and educators committed to the elevation of the art of dance and to provide innovative artistic experiences for the advancement of dance worldwide.

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PRESIDENT: Michelle Rexroad

1224 Springtree Lane

Westerville, OH 43081

(614) 738-6951   


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Noreen Rhode

SECRETARY: Noreen Rhode

1543 Laclede Road

South Euclid, OH 44121

216-381-1996 S 440-449-0240

Fax 216-381-1996


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TREASURER: Butch Theisen

51 South 7th St 

Zanesville, OH 43701

740-453-6076 / Cell 740-607-6240


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1st Vice President:
  Colleen Rhode
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2nd Vice President:
  Stephanie Pritchard
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 Kathi Halbert
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Rules Chairperson:
 Dawn Dembrosky

 Joan Wine
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Past President:
 Denise Bryant


Financial Advisor:
 Susan Barr
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Tammy-Taylor-.gif (439040 bytes)

Diane Horvath
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Evalyn Tirikos
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Jill_Garland.gif (226747 bytes)

Jill Garlock, 
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Dara Berman Cheung
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Megan Dragoo

2016 Board of Directors
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The organization that began in 1936 was named Cleveland and Ohio Dance Masters. In the beginning it was connected with Chicago National Organization of dance teachers. Clem Brown, a member of Chicago National, and several members from the Cleveland area eventually pulled out and became affiliated with Dance Masters of America.

Some of the early pioneers were Clem Brown, Bess Newton Brown (no relative), LaRue Hope, Mary Louise Megert, Eleanor Buckholzer, Bill Franklin, Betty Adelman, Marie Miller, Cecelia Corley, Charles Boyd, Muriel Kelleher, Arita Lee Blair, Mary Pollock Graham. LaRue Hope was the stronghold of the group and was sure that we adhered to the principles of the National Organization in setting the standards for dance education. The first Secretary/Treasurer was Clem Brown, followed by Joyce Keegan Flynn and now currently, Noreen Rhode, Secretary and Rennie Davis, Treasurer.

The Ohio Chapter is proud to have had four members serve as President on the National Board. They are LaRue Hope (1950), Joan Wine (1982), Angela Freese (1988), and Butch Theisen (2009). Rennie Davis served as National Treasurer also. Our members have been awarded such awards as the Zee Brown Award (Noreen Rhode & Kathi Halbert), Members of the Year (Marjorie Sellers and Butch Theisen and Noreen Rhode). The chapter affiliated name as of 2011 is Ohio Dance Masters taking us back to our original roots. You will always find an ODM member volunteering their services on the National Board. Today we have approximately 125 members from four states.

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  • Enable dance educators and their students to meet for a cooperative and collective study of their profession;
  • Advance the art of dance and improve the practices of its teachings;
  • Strive for the mutual interest and fraternal cooperation of its members;
  • Aid young dancers and dance teachers by awarding educational dance scholarships to accredited colleges, private schools of dance, educational and/or ODM educational workshops or conventions.

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Ohio Dance Masters has set certain standards which will develop desirable conduct to promote the dignity, integrity and public image of the dance profession. Ohio Dance Masters and its members recognizes that a higher standard of personal behavior is expected of an educator.

The personal behavior of its members shall not be disorderly, lewd, or indecent. This includes public, physical or verbal action; language commonly considered offensive; or distribution of obscene or libelous written or electronic material.

Ohio Dance Masters shall not tolerate movement that is sexually offensive; costuming that allows exposure of private body parts or is not age appropriate. The purpose of this standard is not to restrict members, or participant?s rights, but to protect the rights of individuals to pursue a dance education.

The Code of Ethics of ODM:

This Code of Ethics shall apply to all members and the term "teacher" and or "educator" as used in this code includes all members of ODM. This code seeks to set standards for members and to provide guidelines for the development of desirable conduct which will promote the dignity, integrity and public image of the dance profession, ODM and its members.
  • The teacher shall create and maintain a professional image. The creation and maintenance of a professional image imposes on the teacher a number of professional and ethical responsibilities, some of which are embodied within this Code of Ethics.

  • An educator's first professional responsibility is to the enhancement of the quality of dance education provided to the students in his/her charge.

  • In furtherance thereof, the educator shall strive to improve his/her techniques for teaching all types of dance, especially as modified or revised in accordance with the progress of dance education by the ODM. Teachers shall make a constant and consistent effort to improve professionally through continual study, knowing that 'Dance is a Living Art".

  • The teacher shares a collective responsibility to work for the good of ODM, to uphold its educational goals and standards, and to abide by and uphold its Charter, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Standing Rules and other policies. A teacher or group of teachers shall not make unauthorized representations to outside people or other organizations on behalf of ODM.

  • It is the educator's responsibility to maintain relationships with students, assistants and employees on a professional basis. ODM recognizes the trust placed in as well as the unique power of the student-teacher relationship. The teacher-student relationship also shall include the teacher's assistants and employees. The teacher-student relationship involves a power of imbalance. Therefore, the teacher shall not engage in harassment, abusive words or actions.

  • All forms of sexual behavior or harassment with students are unethical, even when students invite or consent to such behavior involvement. Sexual behavior is defined as, but not limited to, all forms of overt and covert seductive speech, gestures, and behavior, such as physical contact of a sexual nature. Harassment is defined, but not limited to, comments, gestures or physical contacts of a sexual nature.

  • ODM recognizes that a higher standard of personal behavior is expected of an educator because students, assistants and employees perceive the teacher as an example of integrity. The personal behavior of a teacher shall be legal, ethical and moral; and appropriate assistance shall be sought by the teacher for personal problems and conflicts, which may affect the teacher's public image. The teacher's behavior shall always reflect that the teacher is aware that he/she is considered an example to students, assistants and employees.

  • The educator and his or her agents shall extend due respect to his/her colleagues, and be willing to work with them professionally, regardless of age, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, status, religion or political affiliation, qualification or personal differences. The teacher shall not knowingly solicit another teachers students.

  • Any advertising, including but not limited to announcements, public statements and promotional activities, shall not misrepresent professional qualifications, or contain any false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or unfair statements.

  • Fees and financial arrangements should always be disclosed in writing without hesitation or equivocation before the commencement of dance instruction.

  • All fees charged shall be of a standard which upholds the dignity of the dance profession. All fiscal affairs shall be conducted with due regards to recognized business and accounting procedures.

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